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We offer support and guidance to investors and collectors. Helping them build and

maintain their collections, develop varied portfolios and finance their investments.

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m ossgreen Advisory will thoughtfully pair you with a dedicated point of contact

who understands what animates your collection and how best to enhance its quality, while ensuring that any transaction is to your financial advantage. At the same time, you will have our full team at your disposal, representing Advisory staff as well as the expertise of hundreds of specialists positioned around the globe. Whatever you require—from insider access to the most desired works, shipping & logistics, to installation—we will take care of every detail.

Collection Development

  • Developing a tailored vision and strategic plan; guiding acquisition and potential sales; objective recommendations and preferred access to works across the full spectrum of the art market

Collection Management

  • Cataloguing and collection database; coordination and oversight of shipping, framing, installation, storage, and conservation; appraisal services for insurance, taxation, or loan collateral.

Artist Commissions, Installations & Exhibitions

  • Assistance in planning, coordinating, and overseeing complex commissions; curating and managing collection installations or exhibitions

Legacy & Fiduciary Planning

  • Estate planning for artists’ estates and foundations and other not-for-profit models

Knowledge Building

  • Tailored enrichment opportunities, including accompanied visits to galleries, fairs, museums and artists’ studios

Market Access & Intelligence

  • In-depth market analysis, including reports on auctions, fairs, and activity across the market

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Throughout the celebrated history of Sotheby’s, we have been privileged to work with a host of the world’s great museums and remain steadfastly committed to the growth and success of museum collections. From large museums to small non-profits, Sotheby’s offers institutions a variety of services internationally, including:

Valuations & Real-Time Market Advice

  • Appraisals for institutions for purposes of insurance, fair market value, donation, indemnity and auction estimates

Flexible Selling Options

  • Including live and online auctions, as well as private sales; management of all aspects of consignment process

Collection Review and Refinement

  • Collection assessment and analysis; assistance at all stages of acquisition process

Strategic Guidance

  • Advice on communications and public positioning, guidance on cultural best practices and legal issues

Strategic Planning

  • Operating models, legal and governance structure, and, market study including economic impact assessments; advice on architectural and space planning

Recruitment Services

  • For curatorial, directorial, development, communications and collection management

Board Building and Cultivation

  • Identifying new sources for membership and support

Fundraising Strategies

  • Developing framework for tax-advantaged giving and support; attracting local and international grant-making foundations and individual donors
  • Benefit auctions and cultivation opportunities such as providing panelists and hosting museum groups in our selling locations globally

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Sotheby’s is the only auction house with its own dedicated Corporate Art Services team. For over 18 years, we have specialized in helping corporations assess and manage their collections, find value in the art marketplace, and maximize the inherent value in their art collections. As a result of our success and experience, we understand the nuances involved in partnering with large corporations. We are the trusted auction house for the most important corporations. From negotiating contracts to sensitively handling messaging, we are able to assist you at every stage with many aspects of your collection. Sotheby’s is pleased to offer a range of services to corporate clients, including the following:

Collection Review and Refinement

  • Collection assessment and analysis; assistance at all stages of acquisition or deaccession process

Collection Management

  • Cataloguing and a detailed collection database; coordination and oversight of shipping, framing, installation, storage, and conservation

Market Intelligence Access

  • Periodic reports and data analysis, utilizing access to unparalleled data and market intelligence

Buying and Selling at Auction

  • Assistance with identifying works for acquisition on a corporation’s wish list; management of all aspects of the consignment process to sell property at every level

Private Sales

  • Help with privately sourcing and selling works of art, providing time, flexibility, and discretion


  • For purposes of insurance, fair market value, donation, indemnity, collateral loans and auction estimates

Cultivation Events

  • Providing guest speakers, panelists, charity auctioneers and mock auctions, hosting corporate groups in our selling locations around the world

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With the global art markets expanding in new and exciting ways, demand for professional sources of financing continues to grow. At WestendArtBank, we understand that today’s private collectors, galleries and established artists require flexible solutions that adapt to their changing needs.

As a leading asset financing company, we provide a valuable combination of financial expertise and extensive knowledge of the art markets that others find difficult to match. We also offer the attractive option to retain possession of artworks in some instances.

By placing great value on transparency and discretion, we ensure high standards of service and professional advice throughout all transactions as we seek to solve the financial challenges that come with this unique asset class.


  • Asset-backed loans at competitive rates secured against high-value works of post-war and contemporary art.
  • An efficient financing process.
  • Valuations and condition reports by independent experts.
  • Safekeeping at selected sites worldwide with access to artworks for exhibitions or auctions when required.
  • Possibility to retain possession of the artworks for some clients.
  • Fixed and variable loans and credit facilities starting from €500,000.
  • €100,000 minimum market value per artwork.
  • Loan-to-value ratio of up to 50%.
  • Terms of six months up to two years with the possibility to extend.


mossgreen is ideally placed to solve the financial needs of classic car collectors and dealers. Our financial structures unlock the capital from their prestigious vehicles using secured loans.

Clients come to us to build on existing collections and take advantage of commercial opportunities. Car dealers and institutional owners may also benefit from the ability to retain possession of the vehicles throughout the lifetime of the loan.

With an extensive knowledge of the industry, we share the passion of our clients and work closely with them as a strong financial partner.


  • Asset-backed loans secured against classic and prestigious cars at competitive rates.
  • An efficient financing process.
  • Valuations by independent experts.
  • Safe storage at a fully secured and insured location.
  • Classic car dealers and institutional collectors may be able to retain possession.
  • A relationship-driven approach and tailor made solutions.
  • Loan to value ratio of up to 50%.
  • Terms of six months up to two years with the possibility to extend.
  • Loans starting from €50,000.

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